About CPI

Welcome to the website of Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, the central Slovenian institution dealing with development, research and counselling in the field of vocational and technical education.  

The world we live in is undergoing constant changes. Facing the European labour market and education space brings new challenges to the field of vocational and technical education: 

  • increasing flexibility,
  • raising the level of quality,
  • strengthening social partnerships.   

The Institute is achieving new goals through its numerous activities. Our work is guided by the fundamental principles of further development and quality in vocational and technical education:

  • fundamental vocational qualification with the possibility of additional education for every Slovene citizen,
  • linking education with the labour market,
  • employability,
  • lifelong learning and
  • equal opportunities irrespective of gender and other characteristics.

The following organisations operate within the Slovenian National Institute for Vocational Education and Training:

  • National Reference Point (NRP)
  • Slovenian Quality Assurance Reference Point for vocational education and training – SIQAVET
  • National Europass Centre
  • National Observatory of Slovenia

The Institute also acts as a national coordinator for the European TT-net network as well as the national representative for Euroskills.  

You are welcome to browse the website, get acquainted with our work and contribute your own suggestions and ideas.