CroCooS, Cross-sectoral cooperation focused solutions for preventing early school leaving is an EU education project. It focuses on prevention and early intervention to reduce the number of people dropping out of school, with a special emphasis on early warning systems, which are based on cross-sectoral and horizontal cooperation between various stakeholders.

The project includes partners and associates from Hungary, Serbia, the Netherlands, Denmark and Slovenia.

Duration: 1 May 2014 – 30 April 2017

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CPI contact person: Simona Knavs,, +386 (01) 5864 208

Project aims and objectives

The basic aim of the CroCooS project is to contribute to the specification and applicability of a comprehensive early warning system in European countries. The objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. To identify the elements of a comprehensive early warning system, including data collection specification and an inventory of relevant methods for effective intervention.
  2. To pilot the proposed warning systems in three European countries: Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia.
  3. To compile an online "resource pool" of effective intervention methods that are based on cross-sectoral cooperation at the local level.
  4. To promote cross-sectoral cooperation in the prevention of and early intervention in the area of early school leaving through various consultations (workshops, peer learning, online forums, social networks) and dissemination activities (conferences, videos, newsletters).
  5. To formulate policy recommendations on the conditions required for the design and operation of a comprehensive early warning system, including the elements that enable cross-sectoral intervention at the local level.

Early Warning System (EWS)

Certain factors, such as a disadvantaged social background, low parental education, migrant status, low academic performance and frequent absence from class, have been identified as potential reasons or warning signs for early school leaving or dropping out of school. The reason for having early warning systems in place is to be able to identify these factors and any potential drop-outs when there is still time, i.e. when the option remains to put a stop to this undesirable process. This type of system also serves as the basis for an effective intervention mechanism. The identification and monitoring of dropout factors can be supported effectively through the use of a well-designed information systems.

Cross-sectoral cooperation

The reasons for dropping out from school are often multi-faceted. Schools are unable to solve the serious social, economic, health or psychological problems faced by their students on their own. Therefore, cross-sectoral cooperation at all levels is vital in order to solve the problem of early school leaving effectively and successfully.