The system of national  compeence based qualification in Finland has workes successfully since 1995.

The objective of the project is to transfer the elements of inovvative  entrepreneur diploma-national competence based qualification for entrepreneurs developed in Finland to European partner countries and to develope entrepreneurship training in Finland further through the impulse from the partner countries.

The added value of thsi project is to develope entrepreneur diploma  that will be recognised in partner countires and on the European level as well.

Aims of the project

  • To transfer knowledge and experiences to European partner countries
  • Common European qualification for entrepreneurs
  • Module structured handbook and Europapreneur diploma suggestion
  • Developed training course


There are  11 partners in the project from  8 European countrie: Ireland, Finland, Netherlands,Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Slovenia.:

  • AKOL,  Trade Union of Adult Educators, Finland,
  • Institute for Vocational Education and training, Slovenia (CPI)
  • CRIA, Centre Recursos d'Iniciatives I Autocupaciò, Spain,
  • DBO, Service for Vocational Training, Flemish Department for Education, Belgium,
  • FRAREG, Consulenza e farmzione, Italy,
  • IFES, The Institute of Training and Research Studies, Portugal,
  • ISME, Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Associatio ltd, Ireland,
  • OPEKO, National Center for Professional Development in Education, Finland,
  • SCALCONSULT – Consultores, Lda, Finland,
  • The Federation of Finnish Enterprises, Finland,
  • SVGB,  The centre of expertise on vocational education, training, Netherlands.

Results of the project

More information about the project:

Duration: from November 2008 to November 2010

Contact person: mag. Mirjana Kovač