TrainerGuide – a web-tool for in-company trainers

Aims of the project

The goal of this project is to develop a web-based tool - ‘TrainerGuide’ -, a digital handbook and toolbox for the primary target group in-company trainers. This guide will be based on the successful results of a Danish model project (Danish Ministry of Education, 2006), whose principles will be transferred to the partner countries’ needs and conditions.

A European TrainerGuide will be developed in English, which will be an overarching version for national guides in national languages. The European TrainerGuide will mirror the partner countries’ strengths, needs and development fields. In this way, other countries may benefit from the European TrainerGuide, which will be filled with best practice examples, and they may find inspiration for an own national guide.

Denmark will also profit directly from the project, by improving the Danish TrænerGuide with the partner countries’ best practice examples, tools and valorisation initiatives. In this way, it is also expected to expand the application of the TrænerGuide to further sectors in Denmark, to adapt new practical training tools and to brand the Danish guide for training companies.

The partner countries in this project are countries with a dual VET system, or countries whose VET systems have needs and goals that could be supported by a TrainerGuide.

The partner countries will end up with national TrainerGuide versions each in their own language.

The long-term vision is to create a sustainable platform for an ongoing co-operation and co-ordination between the partner countries and other European countries. The European TrainerGuide may become a practical rotation point for this purpose.


  • Multidisciplinary UniversityCollege of Copenhagen / Danish School of Public Administration, Denmark
  • DIHK- Gesellschaft für berufliche Bildung, Organization zur Förderung der IHK-Weiterbildung mbH, Deutschland
  • Danish TrainerGuide Association, represented by The Educational Secretariat of Industries, Denmark
  • Centre of expertise on vocational education, training and labour market for the technical field, Netherlands
  • Muğla University, Technical Education Faculty, Turkey
  • National Institute for Vocational Education and Training, Slovenia
  • HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

Results of the project

  • European TrainerGuide
  • National) TrainerGuide(s)
  • Improvement of the Danish TrænerGuide
  • Network for exchange of best practice within high quality in-company training

Additional information


October 2008 – December 2010

Contact person

Tanja Logar , Senior Advisor